Compare dog insurance prices - find the best policy for your dog

Your dog deserves the best protection. That's why we at Lassie have gathered everything you need to know about our affordable dog insurance policies. Compare prices and conditions to find the best policy for you and your dog.
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Price of your dog insurance

Wondering how much it costs to insure your furry friend? The answer is: it depends. Age, breed, health and risk factors can affect your price. But with our different dog insurance policies, you can easily find the one that suits your dog best. We also list what is included and what options you can choose.

Protect your dog and your wallet - with the perfect dog insurance policy.

With us at Lassie, you as a dog owner can influence your price. By using our app and working preventively for your dog's health, you can influence the price of your dog insurance by up to SEK 500 per insurance year.

    Mini, Medium or Large? Compare prices and coverage

    Here is more information on 3 different pet insurance products with different coverage levels and prices.

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    What's included in the insurance?

    Here you can compare dog insurance. Our dog insurance covers veterinary care in case of injury or illness up to a certain amount each year. In addition to reimbursement for veterinary care, you can also add life insurance for dogs to any of our insurance packages.
    Veterinary care
    60 000 kr/year
    The highest total compensation you can receive for veterinary care.
    6 000 kr/year
    Maximum compensation for medicine prescribed by a veterinarian.
    6 000 kr/year
    Maximum compensation for rehabilitation prescribed by a veterinarian.
    Dental care in case of accident or TR (FORL)
    Dental care in connection with an accident. After a waiting period of 12 months, dental disease TR (FORL) is also covered.
    Calls with a digital veterinarian
    Unlimited number of video calls with a veterinarian in case of injuries, symptoms and diseases covered by the insurance.

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