Breeders' insurance

Lassie focuses on life, not on injuries. We help you as a breeder to take care of your four-legged friend's litter of puppies and cats in the best possible way and to find additional options that suit you and your breeding direction. The insurance is taken out individually per animal. We are available for assistance from 8am to 10pm every day and you can easily get a discount on your insurance by earning points in our app.
Caesarean section and fertility
Hidden fault insurance for breeders
Puppy and cat litter insurance - Veterinary Care and Life Insurance
Referral Discount
-500 kr
-500 kr

Discount per animal

1 animal


500 kr

2 animal


1 000 kr

4 animal


2 000 kr

Invite your friends to Lassie

Give 500 SEK and get 500 SEK on your insurance, when your animal-loving friends also get insurance with Lassie. You can find and share your personal code in the Lassie app.
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Focus on life

We help you, help your dog

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