Breeder insurance for cats and dogs

It's an exciting journey to follow your cat or dog on the road to becoming a parent, but it's not always a walk in the park. With breeder's insurance, you get financial protection against several common pitfalls.
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Breeder insurance

For anyone that wants to breed their dog or cat

If you are planning to let your cat or dog have offspring in the future, it is time to consider a breeder’s insurance!
It is an additional insurance that can offer compensation for many types of unexpected veterinary costs that may arise in connection with breeding.

From fertility to hidden defects

The insurance provides the best protection for a female and her litter. A male with Breeder's Insurance can only receive compensation for fertility investigation.
  • Litter insurance
    Protection for the puppies or kittens. Consists of a veterinary care insurance and a life insurance.

    Veterinary Care Insurance
    Can provide compensation for the litter's veterinary care costs.

    Life Insurance
    Can compensate you if any of the puppies or kittens die or need to be put down.
  • Hidden Defects Insurance for Breeders
    This insurance covers the responsibility you have for hidden defects when selling a kitten or a puppy.
  • C-Section
    Can compensate an additional C-section, beyond what is included in the female’s veterinary care insurance.
  • Fertility examination
    Can compensate for costs for fertility investigation.
Online vet

Help at hand

Quick answers when you're worried about the health of puppies or kittens
Call a digital vet if your puppies or kittens get injured or show symptoms of diseases covered by the insurance and get advice on treatment. You can find our digital vet via the app.
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Easy to get

  • Already insured
    Contact our customer service team to add breeder insurance.
  • New customer
    Select the Breeder Insurance add-on when you purchase your veterinary care insurance.
Buddy discount

Discounts for you and the new pet family

Help the little ones get a good start in life and remind their new owners to get pet insurance in time.
Feel free to use your buddy discount and invite them to Lassie! When a new insurance policy is signed with your discount code, both you and the new family get a 200 kr discount on your insurance and 100 kr to shop for in the Lassie shop.

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