Procedure in the event of damage

No one wants to have to submit a claim - it means your pet is sick or injured, or your dog has caused damage to a third party that you're liable to pay. However, in case any of these should occur, it is important to know what steps to take next.

Your pet is not well - arrange a veterinary video consultation

If you are worried about your four-legged friend and are not sure whether you should see a vet, we recommend you first use your video consultation with our partner Pfotendoctor. In many cases, a veterinary assessment can also be done digitally and you will receive immediate recommendations for treatment. If your dog or cat is covered by Lassie's pet health insurance, you can have a free video consultation with a professional veterinarian from Pfotendoctor. If you have Lassie's surgery insurance, you can use Pfotendoctor free of charge during the 30-day post-treatment period.

Start booking a vet video consultation directly through the Lassie app.

The damage is done - now what?

There are several ways to file a claim with Lassie: the fastest option is through the Lassie app in the "claims" tab, or you can send an email to If you have any questions after submitting a claim, please send it to us via email. If we have any questions about the claim, we will contact you.

Our claims department is available Monday-Friday from hh:mm - hh:mm.

Send this information in an email

(You can take photos with your phone!)
Payment will be made to the account of your choice, usually within 2 working days of submitting your full claim form
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Insurance number

The invoice (one A4 sheet also called cash invoice)

Visit specification / Journal

All receipts

Any prescriptions from pharmacies

Account number where you want us to make the payment

Appealing your claim

Your claim was denied and you disagree with the decision? Then you have the option to submit your case to the Lassie Appeals Committee to have the case reconsidered. Please click on "Download Template", fill out the document and send your case to We will get back to you within 14 days of receipt.