We are there for you in case of an injury

No one wants to have to use their insurance. But if damage does occur, it's important to feel confident that help is at hand. Here we outline what you need to do if your dog or cat need veterinary care.
Online vet

Call your vet if you are worried about your pet's condition

If you are worried about your dog or cat but it's not an emergency, we recommend that you contact a digital vet before going to the clinic.
With your Lassie insurance, calls are included in case of symptoms or injury. Diagnosis can often be made digitally and you will quickly receive advice on treatment or next steps.
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Filing claims

How to file an insurance claim

Have you been to the vet and want to apply for compensation? Then you need to submit a claim form.
Our claims department is open Monday-Friday from 08-17, but you can submit your claim in the app or via email whenever you want.
  • 1
    File your claim
    It is okay to photograph your documents with your mobile camera.

    Make claim in the app
    You can find the notification under the Insurance tab and get guidance step by step.

    Make claim via mail
    Send an email to and include:
    ✔ Insurance number
    ✔ Invoice
    ✔ Visit specification / Medical records
    ✔ All receipts
    ✔ Any prescriptions for the pharmacy
    ✔ Account number where you want us to make the payment
  • 2
    We make our decision
    We will get back to you if we have questions or need more info. If you have made your claim in the app, you can easily follow the process.

    Questions about your claim can be sent to
  • 3
    Money in your account
    If you are granted compensation, the money will usually be in your chosen account within a few days.
Direct claims

Let us handle the bill

With a direct insurance claim, we take care of the payment directly with your vet. You only pay the deductibles and any administrative fees at the vet.

Most vet offices offer this service. Say that you want to make a direct claim and bring your insurance number to the vet.
For the vet

Lassies payment info

Our direct claims handling is open weekdays from 08:00 to 17:00. Please email Call us on 010-183 98 18 and dial 3 if you have questions.

Billing address
Lassie AB Org. nr. 559268-8310
Surbrunnsgatan 14
114 27 Stockholm
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Appeals Board

Not happy with our decision?

Other complaints can be submitted to but for if you are dissatisfied with a decision this is what you do:
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    Contact your claims handler
    Contact your claims handler if you are unhappy with the decision or have questions about it.
  • 2
    Make an appeal
    If you're still dissatisfied you can make an appeal to our Appeals Board within 6 months. If you wish to do so, please email to write your justification as to why you are dissatisfied.