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  • Find all insurance information
  • Take courses designed by pet experts
  • Manage your discounts
  • File and follow your claim
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Digital insurance

Everything about your insurance – in one place

In our app, your four-legged friend gets a profile linked to their insurance.
Here you can read terms and conditions, find policy numbers for your pet insurance policies, make a claim and chat with us if you have any questions or concerns. All the information – always available.
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A wealth of knowledge

Many injuries and diseases can be avoided with the right knowledge. We share that knowledge through custom updates and courses.
The courses are developed by experts and consist of articles, videos and quizzes. For each course passed, you earn points. You can see in advance approximately how long it takes to complete each course and the number of points it’s worth.

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Knowledge discount

Exchange your points for a discount

The points you collect through taking our courses can be exchanged for discounts on your insurance.
In addition to expanding your pet care knowledge with each course – you learn how to prevent illness and decrease the risk of your pet needing veterinary care. This makes it possible for us to lower the price of your insurance!

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Knowledge discount

The more courses, the bigger discounts

Collect more points and get a bigger discount. The annual price of your insurance can be lowered by up to:
  • 500 kr for dogs
  • benefits.benefit.cat250 kr for cats
Knowledge discount

How to use your discounts

  • benefits.benefit.trophyLevels
    You'll see how many points you've earned and how many more you need to reach the next discount level. When you've collected enough points to earn a discount, it will appear in the Rewards-section of the app.

  • Annual discounts through points bonus programApply your discount
    If you use monthly payments, your discount will be deducted from your next monthly invoice (and following invoices if the amount exceeds your monthly payment). If you have chosen to pay for your pet insurance by an annual instalment, your rebate will be payed to your account within a few days.
  • benefits.benefit.calendarDiscounted time
    Once activated, a discount will only be valid during your current policy period for insurance reasons. Collected points will be kept between policy periods but each point can only be traded for discounts once.

Discount examples

Dog insurance

15 000 points → 500 kr discount
3 000 points → 100 kr discount
1 500 points → 50 kr discount
Discount examples

Cat insurance

10 000 points → 250 kr discount
2 000 points → 50 kr discount
1 000 points → 25 kr discount
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Be ready

The first step towards a new furry family member?

The Lassie app is a great tool to use when you’re getting ready to welcome a new pet to the family.
The app is packed with information and advice that will help you get prepared for the purchase of a cat or dog. Find out what breed suits your lifestyle and what equipment you will need to have at hand. Start collecting points today and exchange them for discounts when you’re ready!
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Buddy discount

Invite friends and family

The more friends you invite, the lower the price of your pet insurance!
If one of your friends buys a pet insurance policy with Lassie and uses your code, both you and your friend will get a 200 kr discount on your insurance and 100 kr each to spend in our Lassie store.

Online vet

Meet our online vet

Learn how to contact a digital vet.
Calls to a digital vet are included in the insurance. Try calling the digital vet before taking your dog or cat to the vet IRL. Besides being less stressful for your pet, it is quick and can save money!
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For everyone

The knowledge is free

You can download the app today and access all of our courses!
Lassie loves all pets and allows every pet parent to use the app – even those without our insurance. This way we can support as many cats and dogs as possible!
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