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BenefitFriendly service with generous opening hours and fast payouts
BenefitFree video calls with a vet
BenefitHealthier animals through tailored courses in a fully-featured app
BenefitTop-rated insurance cover with friendly conditions
BenefitEasy switching with price comparison and change assistance
BenefitA policy created by animal lovers for animal lovers
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The best for your best friend

With personalised service and, in our opinion, really kind terms, we've built an insurance policy that lets you focus on creating more memories with your best friend. Download the app, get Lassie and invite your friends.
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We help you help your animal

The highest compensation on the market is all well and good, but many of the most common injuries and illnesses are actually completely avoidable. That's why we help you prevent them with the right knowledge and personal advice. All to make sure your pet is as healthy as possible.
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More help, for less

Lassie is the first insurance policy that rewards you for giving your pet all the conditions for a healthy life. The more you learn, the less you pay. That's what we call a real win-win.


A basic protection for veterinary care.
Amount of compensation
30 000 kr / year


Everything you need at a reasonable price.
Amount of compensation
60 000 kr / year


Sweden's highest reimbursement for care!
Amount of compensation
160 000 kr / year

Så fungerar försäkringen

The insurance is valid in the Nordic countries. It is also valid for temporary visits of up to one year to countries in the European Economic Area and United Kingdom, to which the animal may be brought and returned without quarantine according to the Swedish Board of Agriculture's regulations. For longer stays abroad (more than 3 months), you must inform us in advance and obtain our approval.

Contact us via the chat in the app or the website and we will help you!

Yes, we do and we even have the best opening hours for direct regulation in Sweden. Your veterinarian has the possibility to directly report an injury to us weekdays from 08-17 (except holidays).

When the claim is settled directly, you won't be out of pocket and you'll only have to pay for the fixed and variable excesses. Lassie settles the rest directly with the vet - great, eh?

Read more about direct settlement here.

Our deductible period is 365 days. You pay the fixed excess only once per insurance year, regardless of the number of visits to the vet. You pay the variable excess on each claim.

Yes, we cover hidden defects if your puppy/kitten has been examined by a vet before 120 days of age and has been continuously insured for veterinary care before 120 days of age.

A latent defect means that a disease or defect has started to develop before examination by a vet but is not detected during veterinary inspection.

Our insurance has a waiting period of 14 days. This means that the insurance does not cover illnesses that appear within 14 days of the start of the insurance.

The waiting period does not apply to accidents.

For a puppy or kitten insured before it is 120 days old, the insurance applies immediately (without a 14-day waiting period) if there is a veterinary certificate with no remarks. The certificate must not be more than 10 days old.

If you switch insurance to us at Lassie directly from another Swedish pet insurance policy, the insurance will apply immediately without a waiting period, provided that the scope of the insurance is the same. If you change to a higher cover with us, there will be a waiting period, but only on the increase.

For caesarean sections, the waiting period is 60 days.

An accident is a sudden event that affects your pet physically. If your pet swallows a foreign object or is exposed to an acutely poisonous substance, that also counts as an accident.

If your dog or cat has an accident, this could mean your dog swallowing a foreign object or your cat falling out of a tree. Illness that occurs during the waiting period does not count as an accident.

For more information, please take a look at our policy conditions.

As the risk is affected by the age of the dog/cat, the price will increase slightly with age. Exactly how much is not possible to say. We also need to take into account general price increases, such as increases in veterinary costs.

That said, we are working hard to avoid any major price changes. The only thing we can promise is that we will give advance notice of any increase and that we have no lock-in period. We don't lock you in as a customer so if you are unhappy you can switch from us.

The veterinary care amount is the amount we can reimburse you per year for veterinary care. The amount of veterinary care is per policy year and when your policy is renewed, your amount is also reset. Mini, Medium and Large have three different maximum limits.

  • Mini: 30 000 kr

  • Medium: 60 000 kr

  • Large: 160 000 kr

You can add an animal to your current policy in our app and on the website.

If you buy a new policy online and already have another dog or cat insured with us, you'll need to link up with BankID again in the app for the policy to show up there.

The excess is the part of the cost of the claim that you have to pay yourself each time you make a claim. Lassie offers different options for fixed and variable excess. The deductible you have chosen is shown in your policy.

Fixed and variable deductibles basically mean that you choose a fixed deductible that is deducted for veterinary visits. If the cost of the visit exceeds your deductible amount, you pay a percentage of the amount remaining after the fixed deductible is paid. The remaining amount is the reimbursement we pay out.

Example of deductible:

Let's say your veterinary visit costs £12,000. You have a fixed deductible of SEK 1 500 and a variable deductible of 15%.

  • You pay: SEK 1 500 (fixed deductible) + SEK 1 575 (variable deductible calculated on SEK 10 500 (SEK 12 000 - SEK 1 500)) = SEK 3 075

  • Lassie reimburses the remaining amount: 8 925 kr

With a high deductible, Lassie pays out a smaller amount each time a claim is made, which means you get a lower insurance price with us. With a low deductible, Lassie pays out a larger amount for each claim, which means you get a higher insurance price with us. Choose the deductible that suits you and your situation.

Our deductible period is 365 days. You pay the fixed excess only once per insurance year, regardless of the number of visits to the vet. You pay the variable excess each time you make a claim.

You can insure your puppy or kitten from the age of six weeks.

You can buy insurance from us without a veterinary certificate. The waiting period is then 14 days for illness. For accidents it applies immediately. You can buy the insurance only when the dog/cat is in Sweden.

Since it is an imported dog/cat, we would like to draw your attention to this:

  • The insurance does not apply to illness caused by parasites and/or illness caused by infection that the dog or cat brought with it when it was brought to Sweden. The insurance is also not valid for injury and/or problems that the dog or cat brought with it when it was brought to Sweden.

If you have a monthly payment, we will deduct money for your insurance on the 28th of each month. If you have an annual payment, we will deduct money 15 days after your insurance becomes active.

No, we won't pay for damage if you make money from your pet or if it's part of a business.

You don't have to choose the same insurance as your breeder. If you insure your puppy or kitten before it is 120 days old (about 17 weeks), the insurance will apply immediately (no waiting period). However, a Swedish veterinary certificate with no remarks is required. The certificate needs to be issued within seven days of the start of the insurance.

You can insure your puppy or kitten from the age of six weeks.