Taking care of your animal is the best insurance.

  • Friendly Customer Service Mon-Sat, from 8 am to 10 pm
  • Get discounts on your insurance through our App
  • Simple and fast bills reimbursement
Quick and easy in under 2 minutes

We insure over 80 000 pets

These are some of the reasons why so many pet parents choose Lassie:
Friendly customer service and fast payouts
Online vet
Unlimited video calls
Healthier animals through tailored courses in a fully-featured app
Teaches how to prevent injuries and illness
Highest ranking Swedish pet insurance on Trustpilot
No commitment period
A policy created by animal lovers for animal lovers
By animal lovers for animal lovers
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Level up your pet care knowledge

You can learn to create the best conditions for a healthy pet life and stay up to date on the latest in animal care.
Lassie's app is developed in close collaboration with veterinarians and animal care experts. With our app on your phone, you have access to exclusive courses that give you the chance to level up your pet care game.
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Insurance packages

Which insurance is best for you?



A basic protection for veterinary care
Amount of compensation30 000 kr / year
Amount of compensation60 000 kr / year


Reimburses large healthcare costs
Amount of compensation160 000 kr / year
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Simple and safe

Pet insurance should be both safe and simple

We are here to help you and your pet.
  • We have no leash on our customers
    It is easy to switch both to and from Lassie because we have no commitment period, our waiting period is short and we have no upper age limit for our veterinary insurance.
  • Our insurance is hassle-free
    Our terms and conditions are clear and our app collects all information about your insurance. If you have questions, we will answer quickly and gladly. If you want to report an injury, you can settle directly with the vet or use the app and quickly get your money back.
  • Our heart beats for the animals
    We offer pet insurance because we want all animals to be able to afford to go to the vet when they are sick, but the goal is to go one step further and help make those visits less frequent.

Our courses

Pet insurance that rewards your knowledge

Lassie is the first preventive pet insurance in Sweden. This means that we focus on the possibility to prevent injuries and diseases with proper care.
You learn about the factors that affect the risk of your pet becoming ill and needing care by taking courses in the app. As a reward, we lower the price of your insurance. A real win-win situation!
  • benefits.benefit.dogUp to 500 kr off dog insurance
  • benefits.benefit.catUp to 250 kr off cat insurance
Dog or cat

Whom do you want to insure?

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Redeem the loyalty
Cat Birman


Security for all nine lives

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