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Looking for the perfect dog insurance policy for your best friend? We understand that choosing the right dog insurance for your four-legged friend can be difficult. We want to make it easy for you to find the best cover for you and your dog.
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Dog Insurance with a twist

At Lassie, all dogs are welcome, regardless of age or breed. Puppy or adult dog, we are here for you at all times. By offering the highest coverage in the dog insurance market, we ensure that your dog is protected every day, around the clock.

Vad ska du tänka på när du väljer hundförsäkring?

När du väljer vilken hundförsäkring som passar bäst för dig och din hund finns det en del faktorer som kan vara bra att tänka på. Kolla upp i vilken omfattningen försäkringen gäller för att hitta det skydd som passar din hunds behov. Jämföra våra olika försäkringsskydd för att se vad som ingår i de olika paketen. Det är även en god idé att jämföra kostnader, om det finns några åldersbegränsningar, hur processen för utbetalningar går till och kundrecensioner.
  • Omfattning av försäkring
  • Jämför försäkringsskydd
  • Kostnader
  • Åldersbegränsningar
  • Utbetalningsprocess
  • Kundrecensioner
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What is the best dog insurance?

Having a dog is a great joy, but it can also mean unexpected expenses if your dog gets sick or injured. Dog insurance gives you peace of mind and can help you manage the costs if something happens. But before choosing the best dog insurance policy for you, it's good to know what options are available and what is covered.
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World's first preventative pet insurance

We're more than a pet insurance, we're the first to offer preventative care for your pet as well. Our Lassie app contains hundreds of articles and quizzes tailored to your pet, written by vets and pet experts. The more you learn how to care for your pet, the more points you get and the bigger the discount on your insurance.

What's included in the insurance?

Here you can compare dog insurance. Our dog insurance covers veterinary care in case of injury or illness up to a certain amount each year. In addition to reimbursement for veterinary care, you can also add life insurance for dogs to any of our insurance packages.


Veterinary care

Up to this amount, the insurance covers veterinary care for accidents and illness per year. Veterinary care covers the entire life of the dog or cat.

Life insurance

Life insurance is optional and can be added to your policy. It is paid out if your dog or cat dies as a result of an injury or illness.

Hidden errors

Hidden defects are included if your puppy/kitten was examined by a veterinarian before 120 days of age and has been continuously insured for veterinary care before 120 days of age.

Free veterinary consultations

All Lassie's insurance customers have free digital veterinary care calls.


Covers dental care in the event of an accident such as playing in the woods and FORL/TR (after a waiting period of 12 months).

30 000 kr/year
Yes, up to 30 000 kr
Free veterinary calls via FirstVet

Vanliga frågor om hundförsäkring

We offer three different options for dog insurance - Mini, Medium and Large. Life insurance can be added to each package.

Mini: Covers veterinary care costs up to SEK 30 000 per policy year

Medium: Covers veterinary costs up to SEK 60 000 per policy year

Large: Covers veterinary costs of up to 160 000 per policy year (the largest coverage on the market!)

For more information on the different options and what they cover, please see our policy conditions or get a quote.

You can easily find your price out on the website or in our app. And don't forget that you can lower your price by up to SEK 500 per insurance year by being active and working proactively with your dog's health in the app. Or that you can decrease it even further with our buddy-discount.

Our larger insurance packages cost more than the smaller ones since they cover more. The size of your deductible will also affect your price.

The price of insurance for dogs is affected by a few different factors. These include the dog's age, breed and gender. The price is also affected by the municipality you live in.

Dog insurance gives you peace of mind for your four-legged best friend as veterinary costs can be very large. With dog insurance, you don't have to bear the entire cost yourself.

Lassie is even the first insurance that rewards you when you give your dog all the conditions for a healthy life. The more you learn, the less you pay. That's what we call a real win-win!

Download our app and we'll help you make the right choice!

You don't have to choose the same puppy insurance as your breeder. If you insure your puppy before it is 120 days old (about 17 weeks), the insurance will apply immediately (no waiting period). However, a Swedish veterinary certificate with no remarks is required. The certificate needs to be maximum 10 days old.

You can insure your puppy from the age of six weeks.

It is possible to take out insurance for dogs from the age of 6 weeks and throughout the dog's life.

What do our customers think?

Discount for inviting friends

Which dog insurance is the cheapest?

As you know, Lassie is the first and only dog insurance policy that can cost £0 per month thanks to our buddy and knowledge discount. We offer a variety of courses in our app, to give you the right conditions to take the best care of your four-legged friend. The more knowledge points you earn, the cheaper your dog insurance will be. It's what we call a real win-win situation!

Så fungerar hundförsäkring

Insurance for dogs has a waiting period of 14 days. The dog insurance will not cover illnesses that appear within 14 days of the start date.

For accidents, the waiting period does not apply and you can receive compensation as soon as your insurance is active.

If you insure your puppy before it is 120 days old, dog insurance will apply immediately without the waiting period. In this case, your puppy must have been inspected without remark and the veterinary certificate must be no more than ten days old.

When you change your dog insurance from another Swedish insurance company, your dog insurance is valid immediately without a waiting period. This assumes that your previous insurance has the same coverage as ours. If you choose a higher amount of veterinary care, you will have a waiting period only on the increase.

For caesarean sections, when covered, the waiting period is 60 days.

With monthly payment, we deduct money for your dog insurance on the 28th of each month (or within the following three banking days). If you have opted for annual payment, we will deduct the money for the entire insurance year when you obtain or renew the insurance.

The deductible period for our dog insurance is 365 days. During an excess period, you pay the fixed excess only once, which means once per policy year regardless of the number of visits to the vet. Your variable excess is then paid on each claim.

It is possible to insure your older dog with Lassie. This is because older dogs may need to visit the vet more often than a younger dog. In order to help your dog when it gets older, it may therefore be a good idea to also have insurance for your dog when it gets old. The price of the insurance may rise when the dog gets older since the risks increase.

For life insurance there are a few different age groups that you can read more about in our insurance conditions.

Yes, the price depends on the excess you choose. With a high deductible, we pay out a smaller amount each time you make a claim, which means you get a lower insurance price each year. With a low deductible, we pay out a larger amount on each claim, which means you get a higher insurance price. Choose the deductible that suits you and your situation.

Download our app and we can help you make the right choice!

Yes, we offer insurance for hunting dogs. The easiest way to see your price is directly in our app or on our website. Don't forget that you can also reduce your price by 500 SEK per insurance policy each year if you are active and work preventively in our app.

Download our app and we'll help you make the right choice!

You choose the start date when you buy your dog insurance with us. From this date, your insurance starts.

When you buy our dog insurance, you can choose "Moving Assistance" from your current policy. Your dog insurance will then start when your contract period expires with your current dog insurance.

The veterinary care amount for your dog insurance is the amount we can reimburse you per year for veterinary care. The veterinary care amount is valid for one insurance year and when you renew your dog insurance, your amount is reset for the next insurance year. We have three different maximum amounts that we will reimburse per year and below you can see which policies you can choose from.

  • Mini has an amount of SEK 30 000 per insurance year

  • Medium has an amount of SEK 60 000 per insurance year

  • Large has an amount of SEK 160 000 per insurance year

We have direct arrangements with veterinary clinics throughout Sweden. When your dog is injured or becomes ill and needs veterinary care, you avoid spending money on the vet and we simply deal directly with your vet. You only pay the fixed and variable excess at the vet.

Your vet has the option to report an injury directly to us weekdays from 8am to 17pm (except public holidays).

It is possible to take out insurance for dogs from the age of 6 weeks and throughout the dog's life.

Vid en skada

Yes, we do if they happened more than two years ago. We do not currently reimburse costs from previous complaints (anything your animal has been treated, medicated, examined or shown symptoms for within the last 24 months).

Usually there is no problem to change insurance if the dog or cat is perfectly healthy and not on any medical or other treatment. But what's good to know is that Lassie doesn't cover costs from previous ailments, such as something your dog or cat has been treated, medicated or examined for within the last 24 months. If the insurance is transferred directly to Lassie from another Swedish pet insurance policy, the insurance will apply without a waiting period if the scope of the insurance is the same.

When you buy a Lassie policy and fill in the "Moving Assistance" form, we will make sure your policy is terminated under a power of attorney that you sign at the time of purchase. We will send you a cancellation email approximately one month before the end of your policy term, at the time of policy renewal. In some cases, you may therefore receive a new insurance policy from your previous policy which you can disregard.

Your Lassie policy will start on the same day as your previous policy ends. Therefore, there will be no gaps between your insurance policies.

If you switch directly from another Swedish pet insurance to us, the insurance will apply immediately without a waiting period, provided that the scope of the insurance is the same. If you change to a higher level of cover with us, there will be a 14-day waiting period, but only on the increase.

Here are some things to think about when you take over an animal and buy a new insurance policy.

In the case of a change of ownership, the old owner needs to cancel their insurance and the new owner buys a new policy when they take over the animal. To make it as easy as possible for the old and new owners, you can agree together on a date when the insurance will end and the new owner will take out a new policy. When the new owner takes out their insurance, they do not need to show the old insurance number.

What is good to know here is that the new owners will not have a waiting period as long as they buy a policy that starts on the same day as the previous policy ends. If the new owners choose a different coverage, there will only be a waiting period on the increase.

For example, if the previous owner has the equivalent of "Mini" and the new owner buys "Medium", the animal will be insured in Mini for the first 14 days. Only after 14 days does the "Mellan" come into effect.

Another tip when changing owners is that you can send your friend discount which gives both you and the new owners a discount that is valid for one insurance year. You can find your unique code in our app!