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Looking for the perfect dog insurance policy for your best friend? We understand that choosing the right dog insurance for your four-legged friend can be difficult. We want to make it easy for you to find the best cover for you and your dog.
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Dog Insurance with a twist

At Lassie, all dogs are welcome, regardless of age or breed. Puppy or adult dog, we are here for you at all times. By offering the highest coverage in the dog insurance market, we ensure that your dog is protected every day, around the clock.

Vad ska du tänka på när du väljer hundförsäkring?

När du väljer vilken hundförsäkring som passar bäst för dig och din hund finns det en del faktorer som kan vara bra att tänka på. Kolla upp i vilken omfattningen försäkringen gäller för att hitta det skydd som passar din hunds behov. Jämföra våra olika försäkringsskydd för att se vad som ingår i de olika paketen. Det är även en god idé att jämföra kostnader, om det finns några åldersbegränsningar, hur processen för utbetalningar går till och kundrecensioner.
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    What is the best dog insurance?

    Having a dog is a great joy, but it can also mean unexpected expenses if your dog gets sick or injured. Dog insurance gives you peace of mind and can help you manage the costs if something happens. But before choosing the best dog insurance policy for you, it's good to know what options are available and what is covered.
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    World's first preventative pet insurance

    We're more than a pet insurance, we're the first to offer preventative care for your pet as well. Our Lassie app contains hundreds of articles and quizzes tailored to your pet, written by vets and pet experts. The more you learn how to care for your pet, the more points you get and the bigger the discount on your insurance.

    What's included in the insurance?

    Here you can compare dog insurance. Our dog insurance covers veterinary care in case of injury or illness up to a certain amount each year. In addition to reimbursement for veterinary care, you can also add life insurance for dogs to any of our insurance packages.
    Veterinary care
    60 000 kr/year
    The highest total compensation you can receive for veterinary care.
    6 000 kr/year
    Maximum compensation for medicine prescribed by a veterinarian.
    6 000 kr/year
    Maximum compensation for rehabilitation prescribed by a veterinarian.
    Dental care in case of accident or TR (FORL)
    Dental care in connection with an accident. After a waiting period of 12 months, dental disease TR (FORL) is also covered.
    Calls with a digital veterinarian
    Unlimited number of video calls with a veterinarian in case of injuries, symptoms and diseases covered by the insurance.

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    Which dog insurance is the cheapest?

    As you know, Lassie is the first and only dog insurance policy that can cost £0 per month thanks to our buddy and knowledge discount. We offer a variety of courses in our app, to give you the right conditions to take the best care of your four-legged friend. The more knowledge points you earn, the cheaper your dog insurance will be. It's what we call a real win-win situation!