How to detect uterine inflammation in bitches

Something that is good to know for those who are planning to buy one, or for those who already have a bitch, is that bitches are at risk of uterine inflammation, also known as pyometra.

What is uterine inflammation?

Uterine inflammation occurs due to a bacterial growth in the uterus, if left untreated it can unfortunately lead to death. It is relatively common in older unneutered bitches. However, although uterine inflammation is fairly common, it is a diagnosis that can be life-threatening if the bitch is not treated. It is therefore important that you seek veterinary advice immediately if you suspect that your bitch is suffering from uterine inflammation. Below we'll go through everything you want, or should, know about uterine inflammation!

Why does a bitch get uterine inflammation?

It's a fact that it's common for older bitches to suffer from uterine inflammation. However, why these bitches suffer from this particular disease is a little less obvious. What is known, however, is that uterine inflammation is caused by bacterial growth in the uterus. It usually occurs in the period from the run to more than 2 months afterwards, most commonly 1-2 months after the run.

Symptoms of uterine inflammation?

So what are the different symptoms of uterine inflammation in a bitch? What is it that should be looked at a little extra? The first thing to know is that inflammation of the uterus usually occurs when bitches are a little older, from middle age onwards. However, it can also affect younger bitches.

It can also be a little extra common from about 1-2 months after the last run. But it can also occur at almost any other time. Regardless of when it occurs, it usually manifests with the following symptoms:

  • Foul-smelling discharge from the vulva

  • The dog licks the vulva a lot

  • Vomiting

  • Vaginosity

  • Fatigue

  • Fever

  • Bitch pees extra much

  • The kitten is more thirsty than usual

How to treat uterine inflammation?

f it turns out that your bitch has uterine inflammation, it can of course be very sad. But there is a lot of help available.

The disease can develop quickly and your bitch can become very unwell. The disease is considered an emergency and it is therefore important to see a vet immediately if you suspect that your bitch is suffering from uterine inflammation.

If your bitch is found to have uterine inflammation, the most common option is surgery to remove both the uterus and ovaries.

Spayed bitch and uterine inflammation

A neutered bitch cannot get uterine inflammation, as neutering is the only way to prevent the disease. If you have a bitch that has not been neutered and is showing symptoms, you should make sure you see a vet immediately. Unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent the disease in unneutered bitches.

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