When the puppy suffers from lameness

Limping is always an expression of pain and something you should be extra vigilant about and take seriously. It is also particularly important to be vigilant when your puppy or growing dog is affected by lameness. Breeds that will be large when they are full grown are more likely to have problems with lameness than smaller breeds.

Causes of lameness in puppies

There are many different reasons why puppies or young dogs suffer from lameness. It can be due to rough play, injury to the paw or claw, or worse, a fracture. A further reason why you, as a young dog owner, should be extra vigilant if your dog has a limp, is because some individuals can suffer from growth disorders in the joints. These are of course important to detect and diagnose early, so that the right treatment can be put in place at an early stage.

What should I do if my puppy is lame?

If your puppy is lame, we recommend that you start by gently feeling and squeezing your puppy on the leg the puppy is lame on. Then compare with the other healthy leg and see if you notice any difference. Sometimes it is obvious if your puppy has suffered a fracture and listen to your puppy's signals when it shows you where it hurts. That way you can warn the vet that it could be the toes or other parts of the leg, for example. You should then contact the vet for advice before a most likely visit to pinpoint the pain. If you find that your puppy does not react significantly to your examination, you can start by contacting digital vet for initial advice.

Prevent lameness and injury problems

Feed your growing dog a properly adjusted diet and make sure to avoid your dog becoming overweight. Being overweight increases the strain on joints and the entire musculoskeletal system. Your puppy will be more agile if it is at a suitable weight, which also reduces the risk of injuries associated with lameness.

Always make sure your puppy is well warmed up if it is going to play with another dog or perform any more rapid activities. A 10-15 minute walk is a good start so your puppy doesn't accidentally stretch during play and activity.

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