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Ocular inflammation in dogs

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from inflammation of the eye. It can be itchy and embarrassing for the dog. Young dogs, in some cases, may be more prone to developing eye infections than older dogs. Therefore, it is especially important for you as a puppy owner to learn about symptoms that indicate your dog may have an eye infection and what to do if your puppy is affected.
Why do dogs get inflammation of the eye? There are several different reasons why dogs get eye infections, but a few reasons are:
  • The eye may be reacting to something in the environment it is in
  • The eye has become irritated due to dust or dirt
  • They have an injury to the cornea (which is an emergency)
If a dog suffers from an eye infection, it may itch and your dog may try to scratch with his paws against the eye. The dog may also become red and swollen in the mucous membrane surrounding the eye, and have a sticky tear. If your dog scratches at the eye with its paws, or tries to rub its face against things, you should put a collar on your dog to reduce the risk of it damaging its eye.
When a dog suffers from eye inflammation, it is usually treated with lubricating eye drops. This should only be done after consultation with a vet, and not on your own initiative!
If you suspect that your dog has suffered from an eye infection, we recommend that you contact a vet to have your dog's eyes examined and to ensure that the dog gets the help it needs. Remember, as a Lassie insurance customer, you have free calls to FirstVet.
However, if your dog's eye is pinched, it should be considered an emergency. Take your dog to the vet immediately!

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