Introduction to solitude training

It can be a good idea to start training your dog for loneliness when it is still small, but it can also be very difficult to tear yourself away from a cute little puppy - so, how do you do it? With the help of the information below, hopefully it will go a little easier!

What about leaving dogs alone?

A full grown dog that is used to being left alone on its own can be left alone for up to 5 hours (although this can of course vary from individual to individual) but it is different with a small puppy that has never been left alone or away from its owner before. That's why you should train it into a habit, and start gently.
Dogs are very social creatures who dislike being alone, it can be directly harmful to the dog mentally if left alone for too long.

What about a puppy? Will I be able to leave the dog alone?

When a puppy is very small, it's best not to leave it home alone - you're better off taking it to work or on errands you need to do outside the home. Another option is if another family member can be at home with the puppy (someone the puppy preferably knows already).

Training (first step)

What you can start with is a simple exercise - when the puppy is sleepy, place the puppy in its crate and sit a little way away - so that the puppy can still see you. Read a newspaper and don't give it any attention for a while, even if it whines. After a few times of doing this, the puppy will associate the calm that occurs when it is sleepy with being alone in the puppy pen, which is a good first step in solitary training.

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