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Treating constipation in your dog

Dogs can, although relatively rarely, suffer from constipation. You can tell when a dog has constipation by the fact that they are trying to defecate without success. If the constipation doesn't go away, faeces builds up inside the intestine and can cause problems and be troublesome for the dog. 

Causes of constipation

There may be underlying problems that cause the dog to suffer from constipation. Pain in the back can be an example of this. There are also some diseases and problems that can be mistaken for constipation, so it is important to investigate whether there are underlying problems to the dog's constipation.

Two examples of diseases and problems that can be mistaken for constipation are:


With diarrhoea, the intestines can become irritated, causing the dog to experience congestion or tenesmus. This is when the dog tries to defecate without any stool remaining, and consequently nothing comes. It can then be misinterpreted as constipation. Bear in mind that constipation at the same time as diarrhoea is very unlikely.

Fur in the way

In dogs with longer coats, the coat can sometimes form a cover at the anus, preventing stools from coming out. Make sure this is not the case if you have a dog that tries to poop without anything coming out.

Treating constipation at home

If your dog has suffered from constipation and is otherwise in an unaffected general state, try giving the dog a little more exercise than usual - this can increase bowel movements. If the constipation doesn't go away or you feel your dog's general condition is affected, you should contact a vet to get your dog some help.

If your dog has recurring problems with constipation, a high fibre diet or fibre supplement is recommended after any other underlying problems have been ruled out by a vet. 

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