Do I need to start brushing the puppy's teeth?

Puppies lose their puppy teeth before the age of 6 months, but even though the teeth are replaced, it's great to start getting the puppy used to brushing. Hopefully this is something you will routinely do every day with your dog, so it's best to start practicing now.

Step by step

Before you start, it's a good idea to remind yourself to be patient and let this training take the time it needs. After all, you're in no hurry to get brushing right away, as your puppy has his puppy teeth to loosen to begin with.

1. Start by putting your hands around your puppy's mouth and lifting your lip a little. Always reward generously when the puppy is calm in handling.

2. Now lift your lip a little more to get a glimpse of the teeth and gums. Reward!

3. Rub the puppy's fangs quickly with your finger. Reward!

4. Now take your hand further back into the puppy's mouth so the puppy gets used to you having your fingers further into its mouth. Reward! It's important for the future to really get at the back, bigger teeth.

5. Develop so your puppy can be calm when you hold a little in his mouth before rewarding.

Keep in mind

Doing this a few times a day will also help you keep an eye on your puppy's teeth. They should loosen properly and the new tooth should come out without any teeth in between.
Always reward the puppy when it has just been calm in the situation. This will make the puppy understand that this is how we behave when it's time to brush his teeth. Reward generously and often. Train very short sessions and several times a day.

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