What is a persistent baby tooth?

By the time the puppy is 6 months old, all the baby teeth should have come out and the permanent teeth should have grown in. However, it is common for this to be slower in smaller breeds. If the milk teeth do not come out properly, this can cause problems. This is partly because the baby teeth are too close to the permanent teeth and partly because it can cause the bite to become wrong.
A persistent baby tooth is a baby tooth that remains in place even though the permanent tooth is coming out. Usually it is the canine teeth that remain, but other milk teeth can also remain. If your puppy's baby teeth are still there after 6 months, you should have your dog's mouth checked by a vet.
It can be difficult to tell whether you are looking at your puppy's mouth for baby teeth or permanent teeth. It's good to know that baby teeth are sharper than permanent teeth. It can be difficult to look in your puppy's mouth to see if all the baby teeth have come loose, so a good trick is to watch for yawning.

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