Do this when the dog blinks

Eye injuries in dogs can vary greatly in severity and complexity, a serious injury can be difficult to distinguish from a less serious eye infection, and in the case of eyes, deterioration can be rapid.

When the dog blinks

A basic rule of thumb regarding eyes is that if your dog has a pinch in one or both eyes, you should treat it as an emergency and get it checked out as soon as possible, so that any treatment can be put in place quickly. It can be difficult to detect damage to the eye yourself, but a vet may be able to stain the cornea to detect damage that is otherwise difficult to see.

There are also other symptoms of serious eye damage that you should be aware of and seek veterinary attention immediately if they occur:

  • The dog has suddenly gone blind.

  • The dog seems to be in a lot of pain in the eye or won't let you get in to look.

  • The dog's pupils are different sizes

  • The eye has changed colour or looks different in colour from before, or from the other eye.

  • Swelling around the conjunctiva of the eye

When the dog's eyes water

Sometimes dogs' eyes run a little more than usual. There are several reasons why a dog's eyes may water more than usual. Something interfering with the cornea, such as a hair or some kind of dirt, is a common cause. Dogs' tear fluid contains different components and the tears' job is to keep the cornea moist so the eyes don't dry out.

When you can treat at home

If your dog's eyes are watering a little more than usual, but the dog's eye is fully open and otherwise appears unconcerned, it may be enough to rinse the eyes with saline solution for a few days and apply lubricating eye drops such as Comfort-shield. If the condition does not go away or worsens, you should contact a vet, as well as if the eye discharge is thick and persistent or if the eye is itchy again.

If you're unsure whether your dog is suffering from an eye injury, you can always consult with a digital vet, which you as a customer of Lassie's dog insurance have unlimited veterinary care calls to.

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