More than just cat insurance.

  • 200+ courses – the more you do, the cheaper the price
  • Unlimited vet calls
  • Veterinary allowance up to 160,000 kr
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We insure over 90 000 pets

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Online vet
Unlimited video calls
Healthier animals through tailored courses in a fully-featured app
200+ courses – the more you do, the lower the price
Service 8-21 all days and fast payouts
No breed or age limits
A policy created by animal lovers for animal lovers
By animal lovers for animal lovers
Why get a cat insurance

An insurance that you and your cat can benefit from every day

You and your cat can receive support on a whole new level with our preventive pet insurance.
A traditional pet insurance primarily provides assistance when the damage has already occurred, but a preventive pet insurance can support you from day one. We want to teach you how to take care of your cat in the best way possible. Proper care can reduce the risk of many common diseases and accidents!
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Course discounts

Excellent conditions and a decreased price can go hand in hand

Learn more with our digital courses in the app.
They are developed in close collaboration with vets and pet experts and will not only allow you to take your pet life to the next level, but also give you the opportunity to save up to 250 kronor per year on your cat insurance.
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Insurance packages

Which insurance is best for your cat?

Choose the insurance package that best suits you and your cat by weighing content against price. Calculating a price proposal not only gives you the cost of insuring your cat, but is also an efficient way to get a clear picture of our different insurance options for cats.
Veterinary care
60 000 kr/year
The highest total compensation you can receive for veterinary care.
6 000 kr/year
Maximum compensation for medicine prescribed by a veterinarian.
6 000 kr/year
Maximum compensation for rehabilitation prescribed by a veterinarian.
Dental care in case of accident or TR (FORL)
Dental care in connection with an accident. After a waiting period of 12 months, dental disease TR (FORL) is also covered.
Calls with a digital veterinarian
Unlimited number of video calls with a veterinarian in case of injuries, symptoms and diseases covered by the insurance.
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Your cat insurance is ready when you need help

  • benefits.benefit.trophyTerms and conditions that stand up to comparison
  • Free app to manage your insuranceFile a claim on the go in the app.
  • Simple and quick reimbursement of invoicesFast payout of compensations.
  • benefits.benefit.firstaidVideo calls with a veterinarian.
  • benefits.benefit.headsetHelpful and friendly customer service.
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Vet prices

Why your cat needs pet insurance

Pet insurance provides predictability and security.
Sooner or later, most cats need to visit the veterinarian. When that day comes, it's comforting to know that you can afford the care your cat needs.
  • What does it cost to take your cat to the veterinarian?
    Many different factors affect the price of a veterinary visit, so our statistics can only provide an estimate. Talk to your veterinarian to find out how much it would cost to treat your cat.

    Vomiting: 1,722-77,344 kr, average 14,032 kr.
    Poisoning (including snake bites): 1,690-34,928 kr, average 8,093 kr.
    Fracture: 3,619-81,500 kr, average 34,092 kr.

    Read about how we have compiled veterinary prices for cats.
Transfer your cat insurance
Change provider

An easy switch

Is your cat already insured with another company? We can help you switch to Lassie!
We will cancel your old insurance when your commitment period is over and ensure that your new insurance with us starts without any gaps. Calculate a your price and accept our assistance, we will take care of the rest!

Life Insurance and Breeder Insurance

Choose to add breeder insurance and/or life insurance for your cat.
  • Breeder Insurance
    Extra protection for those who want to breed their cat. Can provide compensation for fertility testing and an additional c-section. The kittens are covered by a litter insurance (veterinary care insurance + life insurance). It also includes a hidden defect insurance for breeders.

  • Life Insurance
    With a life insurance, you can receive compensation if your cat dies or needs to be put down. You can also receive compensation if your cat is stolen during a cat show.

    Life with usability
    You can add a usability insurance for breeding to your life insurance. This way, you can receive compensation if your cat loses its breeding ability.


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Learn about cat health

Your cat is our top priority. That's why we've put together some of our articles that you can access in the Lassie app. Together with vets and experts, you can gain knowledge that prevents both injuries and vet visits. Download the app to access more articles, videos and courses tailored to you and your cat.
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