What does it cost to take a cat to the veterinarian?

We are used to finding almost all the information we need online, but veterinary prices can be perceived as a blank spot on the map. There are a few explanations:

  • Each clinic or chain has its own price list.

  • Prices sometimes change and may become outdated.

  • Emergency or on-call hours makes it more expensive.

  • More severe cases of a certain illness can be more expensive than milder cases.

With so many variables to consider, it is difficult to give universal answers about the cost of treating a specific injury or illness.

Our own data gives an indication

Sometimes you still need to have an idea of what it costs to take your cat to the vet. You may want to be informed before buying a cat for the first time or you’re considering what size pet insurance to choose. Unfortunately, we cannot give you an exact price list, but we can share what we do know.

This is how we gathered information on veterinary prices
We handle thousands of applications each year and therefore have information on thousands of vet bills for dogs and cats throughout Sweden. Since prices vary over time, we have limited the selection to applications received by us during the previous year (2023).

Our cases are usually linked to a diagnostic code. We have chosen to present prices for some selected diagnoses (including any sub-diagnoses). Each category is chosen in such a way that the cases are sufficiently similar to be comparable, while the number of animals is sufficiently large.

We have chosen to report prices based on the diagnosis assigned to the case, even though some individual cases could fit into more than one category. The category of euthanised cats likely includes a range of serious diagnoses.

Summary of veterinary prices

Below we list the lowest price, highest price, and average price for some of the most common diagnoses for cats. The average cost of treatment for a cat last year was 10,855 kronor. The most expensive bill for a cat was for a seizure that ended up costing almost 140,000 kronor to treat. However, it was the only cat case that exceeded 100,000 kronor last year.

Many cats are affected by vomiting or diarrhea

Vomiting and diarrhea are some of the most common reasons why cat owners seek veterinary care for their animals. Both vomiting and diarrhea can be symptoms of a wide range of diseases and conditions, which also means that the cost of treatment can vary greatly. Among the cats insured by Lassie, vomiting accounted for five percent of veterinary visits and diarrhea accounted for two percent.

Price of a veterinary visit caused by vomiting: 1,722-77,344 kr, average 14,032 kr.
Price of a veterinary visit caused by diarrhea: 698-42,279 kr, average 9,937 kr.

Learn more about vomiting or diarrhea in cats.

Swallowed cat toys are expensive cat toys

If your cat swallows a foreign object, such as a toy, string, or hair tie, it may need help getting it out. The cost of the veterinary visit depends on how much assistance the cat requires. In the worst case scenario, surgery may be necessary, while in the best case scenario, the object may pass naturally. Among the cats we insure, swallowed objects accounts for three percent of veterinary visits.

Price of a veterinary visit with a swallowed object: 565-74,099 kr, average 20,548 kr.

Read more about symptoms and treatment when your cat swallows an object.

Snakebites are a common type of poisonings for cats

Cats sometimes get poisoned, for example through food or by eating houseplants or medications. The most common reason why cats insured with us seek care for poisoning is a snakebite.

Price of a veterinary visit for poisoning: 1,690-34,928 kr, average 8,093 kr.

Read our article on what to do if you suspect your cat has been bitten by a European common adder.

Fractures in cats

Just like us humans, cats can break both the bones they walk on and the bones inside their bodies. Bone fractures in cats are often the result of an accident, and the complexity of the fracture affects the cost of stabilising the break. Fractures account for many of the most expensive veterinary bills for cats.

Price of a veterinary visit for a fractured bone: 3,619-81,500 kr, average 34,092 kr.

Read about when you should seek care for your cat's lameness.

Ask your veterinarian about the cost of the treatment

The best way to obtain reliable information about the price of a specific treatment is to contact your veterinarian and ask. Don't forget to inquire about an estimated price before your cat starts a treatment, and if possible, compare price information from multiple veterinarians!

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