Deworming of cats

It is very common for cats to get worms, in fact most cats get worms at some point in their lives. If you have a cat that is particularly fond of catching mice and birds, the chances of it getting worms are even higher!
Cats should be dewormed as kittens by the breeder and be dewormed at delivery at 12 weeks of age. Always ask the cat's breeder if they don't mention anything about whether the cat has been dewormed or not when you bring your kitten home.
An indoor cat does not need to be dewormed regularly, indoor cats only need to be dewormed if you see signs of worms.
If you have an outdoor cat that eats a lot of mice and birds, you can deworm the cat regularly, a couple of times a year. This is because mice and other small animals that outdoor cats may prey on can carry parasites. You should also, of course, deworm your cat if you see signs that it has worms.
But what is a sign that a cat has worms? A classic sign that a cat has worms is that it vomits worms, but sometimes worms can also be seen in the cat's faeces. Examples of other signs that your cat has worms are:
  • emaciation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Decreased coat quality
Parasites can play a role in more chronic gastrointestinal problems in cats but are not the most common cause. Dewormers for the most common parasites can be purchased over the counter from a pharmacy.
The types of worms that Swedish cats are most commonly affected by are roundworms and tapeworms. Tapeworms are very common, especially among kittens and younger cats, as they can be infected by their mother's milk when they are diarrhoeaing. A kitten, an older cat or a cat with a compromised immune system can become very ill if they get a lot of roundworm. However, adult cats don't usually get seriously ill, in fact sometimes they can be completely asymptomatic.
Tapeworms are common among Swedish outdoor cats. This type of worm is not transmitted from cat to cat; it is only by eating mice, rats, voles or other rodents that cats are at risk of contracting tapeworm.

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