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Tooth defects in dogs

Just like us humans, dogs can have problems with bite defects. Two common bite defects that occur in dogs are overbite and underbite. A dog's bite defect is not just a matter of appearance, but teeth that grow out of place can cause a lot of pain in the dog's mouth.
To know if a dog has a bite defect, we first need to find out what a normal bite is. In fact, when a dog has a normal bite it is called a scissor bite. This means that the dog's front teeth in the upper jaw go just outside the front teeth in the lower jaw. The lower jaw canine should fit between the upper jaw canine and the outermost front tooth. When the dog bites its teeth together, the lower canine should not come into contact with the upper canine or the outer incisor.

What is a bite defect?

If a dog has a bite defect, it means that the dog's teeth do not meet in an optimal way when it closes its mouth. The two most common bite defects that dogs suffer from are overbite and underbite. Bed defects can cause pain in the dog and need to be corrected. Bed defects can be painful because dogs' permanent teeth are long and sharp. When a dog with a bite defect clenches its teeth, they can bite into the lip or palate. This, as you can imagine, can lead to discomfort and pain.
As mentioned earlier, a common bite defect in dogs is overbite, where a dog has an overbite means that the front teeth of the upper jaw are in front of the front teeth of the lower jaw so that the teeth are not touching each other. Underbite is another common bite defect in dogs and means that the front teeth of the lower jaw come in front of the upper jaw when the dog closes its mouth.

When should I visit a vet

Tooth defects are something that all dogs can suffer from, but they are more common in certain breeds of dog. If your dog has a bite defect, you should ask a vet to properly examine the dog's mouth to determine if the bite defect needs to be corrected.If you're unsure whether your dog has a bite defect, you can always consult the online vet FirstVet, which as a Lassie insurance customer you can access for free directly from our app.

Treatment of bed bugs

If your dog has a lot of pain in his mouth because of his bite defect, braces can sometimes solve the problem. But by far the most common measures are tooth extraction or shortening and root canal/capping of the tooth.

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