How to treat wounds in dogs

It is not uncommon for dogs to suffer from various types of wounds. They can, of course, vary in severity and complexity and because of this, how the wound should be managed also varies.  Wounds can, of course, occur in a wide variety of ways. Examples of common causes include the dog injuring itself on glass and other sharp objects on the ground or getting into a dog fight.

Small and superficial wounds on the dog

Small, superficial wounds and scratches that don't penetrate the skin can be treated at home.

  1. Shave the dog around the area

  2. Then wash with chlorhexidine solution

  3. Put a collar on your dog so he can't reach the wound and lick it.

If you are treating your dog for a wound at home it is important to keep an eye on the wound, if it is not healing, looks swollen, red, sore or watery, take your dog to the vet for examination. 

Deeper wounds in dogs

If your dog has suffered a deep wound that goes through the entire skin layer, you must contact the vet immediately. This is true even if your dog shows symptoms of being in pain. You should also not treat your dog at home if it has sores around its eyes, if the wound looks like it needs stitches, or if it has a puncture wound.

Make a habit of regularly feeling your dog's skin and paws to detect any wounds on its body early on. This will help your dog get the treatment it needs sooner, before the wound is at risk of becoming infected. If you're unsure about how best to treat your dog's wounds, we recommend contacting a digital vet which you have unlimited calls to as an insurance customer at Lassie.

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