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Reflectors and cats

If you have an outdoor cat or sometimes take your indoor cat out for a walk on a lead or harness, it's important to remember to use reflectors when it's dark. Cats are small and otherwise very difficult to see for others around them, reflectors will make your cat easier to spot for road users.
When it comes to choosing reflectors, there are different varieties to choose from. Collars with reflectors are very common, it is important to remember that the collar you choose for your cat should have a safety clasp, this means that the clasp will release if your cat gets caught with the collar in a bush or tree - and the cat will get free.
Reflexes are a consumable item and so do not last year after year. You can test the reflexes by shining a light on them from a distance in a dark room. If they don't reflect properly, it's time to buy new ones or a new collar with reflectors for your cat.
If you usually take your cat out for a walk in the evening when it's dark, don't forget to get reflectors for yourself either!

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