Puppys name

When you bring your little puppy home, it doesn't know a word of human language but it's very fascinating how quickly dogs learn our language. Research shows that dogs can learn a variety of words as well as longer phrases.

Teach your puppy its name

It's a good idea to teach your puppy its name as early as possible. There are several tricks to teach your puppy its name and to start listening for it when you want to communicate with it. Below are some ways to teach your puppy its name.

Learning through play

Choose a time when your puppy is alert, call cheerfully to play by using the puppy's name. After you have played for a while, let the puppy rest or do something else. Then call it by name again and play happily for a while longer.

Reinforce with treats

This exercise involves combining the name with a treat. Start by sitting on the floor near the puppy, when the puppy comes to you on its own initiative, say the puppy's name in a happy tone and immediately give a treat. Repeat the exercise.  

In a feeding situation

When it is time for food, you can use the puppy's name to call it to you. Then, several times a day, you can associate the name with positive feelings and experiences.

To think about

Think about using a name now at first. Nicknames can be added later when the puppy has understood its name properly. As best you can, try not to say the puppy's name when it is told or does something it is not allowed to do. It's easy for the name to slip out, but of course the best thing is to let the name only have a positive experience with your puppy.

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