Why you should make your home safe for your puppy

Although your puppy is very small when it moves in with you, there are many things in the home environment that can be dangerous. It is wise to go through the home before your puppy comes home to remove things that are dangerous but also that you don't want to be destroyed. We give you the best tips on how to deal with a beastly little puppy.

Things you should put away

  • Cables and wires

  • Chocolate 

  • Medicines

  • Poisonous plants

  • Cleaning products

  • Children's toys such as Lego pieces that can get stuck in the dog's intestines

  • Nicotine

The puppy is curious and uses its mouth to explore its surroundings. Therefore, it is a good idea to put away the above-mentioned objects and also anything else that you think could be a danger to your puppy. Puppies quickly become adept at getting around a bit anywhere and it can happen very quickly when they ingest something.

Always keep an eye on your puppy

It's important that someone is always there to keep an eye on your puppy when it's allowed to roam freely around the house. We don't always think about how agile puppies are and that they can find exciting things to play with. However, it's a good tip to have an area in your home that your puppy can safely be in when you can't give them full attention.

Puppy pen when you're not paying attention

Create a little area using composting grids where your puppy has toys, chewing paws, things to balance on and perhaps a bed or open cage for it to rest in. If you don't want to teach your puppy that you can bite furniture or beg at the table, this is a good way to avoid these situations. When your puppy is small and cannot, for example, go and lie down on a bed when you ask it to, it can simply hang out in its puppy cage.

When you leave your puppy in its little crate for moments during the day, you have also started the solitude training in a calm way. Remember to give your puppy plenty of stimulation in the puppy pen and if it squeaks a little at first, you can avoid it if it doesn't panic. It will soon learn that the puppy pen is exciting and fun to be in.

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