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Puppy feed

As the day approaches when your long-awaited puppy will finally move home, there are probably many questions! One of these common questions is usually what the puppy will eat. This is what we hope to answer here.
What should my puppy eat? The simplest answer to this question is to allow the dog to eat the same food it was given at the breeder's home. Ask the breeder what food the puppy is used to and continue with this food, at least initially. Moving to a new family and environment is already a big adjustment for the puppy, so don't start by changing its food immediately. Often the breeder will send some food that the puppy is used to.
Changing food If, after the puppy has been with you for a while, you want to change to a different food, that is of course fine. However, a change of feed should be done slowly over several days. An exception to this is if your puppy suffers from vomiting or diarrhoea and needs to be fed a bland diet, in which case you can make the switch between food and bland diet all at once. However, you need to be careful when switching back from the bland diet to the original food, as the regular food will need to be phased in and the bland diet phased out over a few days.
When switching feeds, you need to make sure that the feed you want to switch to is suitable for puppies. This is very important as a puppy food is formulated for a growing individual and its needs.
How much should my puppy eat? How much the puppy should eat is of course individual and depends partly on the puppy's size and specific needs. You should use the recommendation given on the food packaging as a guideline.
How long does my puppy need to eat puppy food? The dog needs to eat a food adapted to growing puppies for as long as they are growing. The switch from puppy food to junior or adult food should therefore only be made when the dog has reached its potential full "adult weight", and when this is is very individual depending on e.g. breed and size. Consult a vet if you are unsure when your puppy/young dog should be switched to adult food.
Can I give my puppy dog treats? Of course your puppy can be given a treat now and again, when it is exhibiting a behaviour that you really want it to understand is a good thing. But remember to give treats in moderation and that they need to be included in your puppy's daily energy intake. Remember that you can also reward through play and cuddles!

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