Play with older dogs

As a puppy owner, it is very likely that you will find yourself in situations where you and your little puppy will meet other dogs, both older and older. As a puppy owner, it is important to remember that it is good for the puppy to get to know and play with other dogs as part of its socialisation, but remember that there can be a risk of injury when small dogs play with larger dogs. Play can be more "rough" than when the puppy plays with other puppies. Therefore, make sure you always keep a watchful eye when your puppy is playing with a larger dog. Allow your puppy to play with larger dogs in moderation and always supervise the play to reduce the risk of injury to your puppy.

You should always supervise when your dog is allowed to greet and play with other dogs, whether large or small. An accident happens quickly!

Keep this in mind when your puppy is visiting an older dog!

  • Always ask the other dog owner if the dog is nice to puppies

  • Ask if the other dog has been vaccinated

  • Be careful and don't force the puppy if it doesn't want to be greeted

  • Squat down nearby so the dog can easily come to you if it gets scared

  • Don't let your puppy greet a potentially aggressive dog

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