Feel your female dog to detect udder tumours

If you have a female dog, you need to be aware that she is at some risk of developing an udder tumour, especially when she is getting on in years. This is because udder tumours often appear late in life in female dogs that are unneutered or in those that were neutered late in life.

What are udder tumours?

Unfortunately, some of the udder tumours found in female dogs are malignant. However, as with other tumours that can occur in and on the dog's body, it is not possible to determine whether an udder tumour is benign or malignant simply by looking or lookingThe lump needs to be analysed to determine whether it is benign or malignant.

Often the dog does not show any other symptoms of udder tumours, but the lumps need to be detected by her mother or master. However, common symptoms of cancer in dogs are fatigue and emaciation.

If an udder tumour is detected at an early stage, it means less surgical intervention for the dog during the operation, but also less risk of the tumour having spread. It is therefore important that you get into the habit of feeling your dog's udder regularly.

Here's how to examine your female dogs udder

  • Feel the chest all the way from the groin to the armpit - on both sides. You need to feel each udder part thoroughly.

  • If you feel any change - it could be in the form of a swelling, lump or roughness - you may have found something that needs to be checked by a vet. Also look out for redness or sores.

If you suspect your dog has an udder tumour, you need to make an appointment with your vet as soon as possible to have her checked.

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