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Interpret the cat's mood

Cats, of course, like humans, can feel differently. For example, they can be happy, scared or angry. Of course, unlike humans, cats can't use words to tell you how they're feeling, instead they use their body language. Cats mainly use their tail, posture and various facial expressions to show what they want and how they feel. Are you curious to know how you can interpret how your cat is feeling? Read more about happy, scared and angry cats.

Happy cat

We all want our four-legged friends to be happy and content with their lives. Happiness is actually relatively easy to recognise in cats. Here are some signs that your cat is happy and content:

  • The cat's ears are erect and pointed forward

  • Whiskers are relaxed

  • The cat's eyes are half open, or blinking softly

  • The cat is sleeping with its paws tucked underneath it

  • The cat's tail is held high and the tip is slightly curved

Frightened cat

There are many different things that can frighten a cat and it can be difficult to know what to do to avoid frightening the cat. Here are some common signs that you can tell a cat is scared:

  • The cat runs quickly and hides

  • The cat stretches its back and tries to look bigger

  • The cat hisses

  • The cat's eyes are dilated.

  • The cat lowers its head and keeps its ears and whiskers flat against its head

Angry cat

Often it is easy to understand that a cat is angry. The first thing you need to do if your cat is angry is to leave it alone. Here's how to spot an angry cat:

  • The cat is hissing

  • The whiskers are directed outwards from the face

  • The eyes are focused on something

  • The ears are flat against the head

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