How to decorate the Christmas tree for the dog

It is possible to have your Christmas traditions as usual but you need to think about how you decorate your Christmas tree and where you place it. Many dogs find the Christmas tree fun to play with, all the decorations look like toys, the water in the Christmas tree container tastes good and the bars are happy to be eaten on. Here we go through what you should consider when you have a Christmas tree at home.

Placing the tree

It can be a good idea to place your tree where your dog can't get to it. For example, you can have a confined area where you delineate with dog fencing or exclude your dog from a specific room. It is a good idea to secure the tree to the wall so that it cannot fall if you have a dog that tends to play with the tree.

It's also important to make sure your dog can't get to the water the Christmas tree is in. Don't use chemicals or fertilizers that can poison the dog. The water can be poisonous to the dog regardless, so make sure the dog doesn't get to the water. Clean up any twigs that the dog may put in his mouth. It can damage the dog's digestive tract.

Decorating the tree

When decorating the tree, it's important to think about the materials you use. If you want delicate materials, hang them higher up where your dog can't reach them. Glass and aluminium balls can break and your dog may cut his paws.

Be aware that string and glitter is something that can look edible to your dog and it can clog up the digestive tract and cause discomfort for your dog. Therefore, think about what decorations you use before your dog partakes of the Christmas tree in any way.
There are many decorations that are edible, such as polka dots and chocolates. They are toxic to dogs and should not be used in Christmas tree decorations.

Gifts under the tree

Obviously we want to put pats under the tree but it is worth bearing in mind that the dog may see this as a toy. They may accidentally get strings and wrapping paper in them which can cause stomach upset and in some cases there may be poisonous claps which the dog is not allowed to eat. These could be chocolate boxes or other treats for us humans. So keep a close eye on your dog if it is allowed near the Christmas tree.

Consult a vet

Always check if your vet is open during the festive season so that you can seek help quickly if your dog starts to feel unwell. You can also call a digital vet for advice; as a Lassie customer you have unlimited calls.

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