Brain Gym, activate your dog indoors

If it's a really nasty day, it's good to know about some alternative ways to keep your dog active, indoors. Of course, the dog still needs to get its daily exercise outside despite inclement weather, but by activating the dog indoors on such a day, you can reduce the time you need to spend outdoors. Here are three exercises that you and your dog can try together.
Exercise 1 - Hide and seek Get out a fun toy that your dog enjoys. Let your dog see and smell the toy. Sit the dog down and ask it to wait. When the dog sits still, go and hide the toy. When you come back, ask the dog to search for the toy by saying "search". While the dog is looking for the toy, encourage it by repeatedly saying "search".
Exercise 2 - Candy search This is an exercise that you can make more and more challenging for your dog once he understands what the exercise is about.
The first time you and your dog do this exercise, start by scattering some treats on the floor and letting your dog search. Once your dog understands what the exercise is about, you can start hiding the treats in more challenging places, such as at different heights, under objects and in different corners. Remember to limit the area to one room or part of a room to make it a little easier for the dog to find the treats.
Consider changing or expanding the search area and finding new hiding places so that the dog doesn't learn where you usually hide the treats.
Exercise 2 - Activity toy There are various toys designed to get your dog to use his brain while he works to get some treats. You can also serve parts of the dog's food by spreading it out on a mat or hiding the food in different places.

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