How to start with chanterelle search step by step

What could be better than spending time with your dog in the woods during the autumn months? The forest offers a wealth of goodies like berries and mushrooms. Sure, it's great to bring home a whole basket of goodies, but your forest adventures can also be a great form of activation for your dog. Below we outline the steps to teach your dog to seek out chanterelles in the woods.

Chanterelle search

Step 1, Place a chanterelle along with a treat about 1 meter from your dog. Try to create an interest in the chanterelle so your dog will want to go forward. Show with a wave of your hand and let your dog go ahead and eat the treat. Lure your dog back from the chanterelle and repeat step 1 many times.

Step 2, When you see that your dog has started to understand the task, you can start to add the signal "Chanterelle" together with the previous hand movement. Repeat until you see that your dog understands that the signal means eat the candy next to the chanterelle.

Step 3, Now vary the distance between the dog and the chanterelle. Let your dog start at 1 meter, 3 meters, 5 meters, etc. Repeat step 3 many times.

Step 4, Now go back to 1 meter distance but start hiding the chanterelle together with the treat under some moss or grass. Repeat step 4 many times.

Step 5, Now we're going to remove the piece of candy next to the chanterelle! Do as step 2 but don't put a piece of candy next to the chanterelle. Instead, quickly walk up to the dog and reward from your hand. Repeat step 5 many times.

Step 6, Now it's time to remove the human scent from the chanterelle. The dog's nose is amazing and senses that you have been in contact with the chanterelle, so from now on we will need to handle new chanterelles with gloves. It's also smart to start thinking now that dogs are experts at picking up scent trails from us. Therefore, it is beneficial to now throw out the chanterelle that the dog will find.

The dog's nose is fantastic but it is also important not to train too hard as nose work requires a lot of energy. Therefore, make sure to have short training sessions and take breaks.

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