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Cat sleep

Cats are animals that have a great need for sleep and undisturbed rest. It is common for adult cats to sleep up to 12-19 hours a day. A small kitten needs even more sleep, in fact up to 20 hours a day. So it's perfectly normal if you find your cat sleeping most of the day!

Sleep is very important for cats, when they sleep their body rests and their brain processes what it has experienced during the day. Exactly how much a cat sleeps and needs depends on a number of different factors. Age, activity and the cat's personality all come into play and determine the amount of sleep the cat needs.

When the cat is sleeping, it is important that it is not disturbed, this applies to both adult cats and kittens. A family rule should therefore be that when the cat is sleeping it should be left alone. It should not be petted or woken up to be messed with. It is important that both adults and children know and follow this rule.

Does your cat like to play at night? This is because cats are nocturnal, so they instinctively sleep during the day and become more active at night. This can be a bit of a nuisance, especially if you have trouble sleeping if your cat is mischievous or noisy in the home during the night. The cat needs to get used to the fact that in his new family you sleep at night and are active during the day. Get into the habit of playing a lot with your cat during the day and just before bedtime, this will increase the chances of your cat wanting to sleep at night too!

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