Katt i träd

Cat runs away

Many cat owners' worst nightmare is that their cat will run away and disappear. If this happens to you then, first of all - don't panic! There is often a logical explanation for why your cat has run away - most cats have a very good sense of direction and know where they live. But your cat may have been spooked by something - such as a dog or wild animal - and run a little further away than normal.
Often, when a cat has been frightened or disappeared for other reasons, they stay relatively close to home. To attract the cat, try this:
  • Put food and water outside the house
  • Walk around and whistle at your cat around your house/apartment area - call the cat's name!
  • Check the trees - it could be that your cat has been frightened and climbed up a tree, but is afraid to come down
  • Look carefully under balconies, in bushes and under cars to see if your cat has hidden if it has been frightened
If you still can't find the cat, you should:
  • If the cat is ID tagged and registered in the various cat ID registers, you should go in and report the cat missing there.
  • Call the police on 114 14 and report the cat missing
  • Talk to neighbours and passers-by and ask them to keep an eye out for your cat
  • Post a notice about your cat on local Facebook groups, notice boards and the like
If you have a cat that often goes on longer adventures, it may be a good idea to get a GPS for your cat. You can put this GPS on your cat's collar and you can always see exactly where your cat is using an application on your phone.

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