Cat and cage

Many cat owners agree that it can be difficult to get their cat into the carrier when it's time to go somewhere with the cat. For most cats, the cage signals that something scary is about to happen (vet visit, car ride) and it can be difficult to change their attitude towards this. What you can do, however, is practice making them feel safe in the cage, and with you. Here are some tips on what you can do to make your cat like his cage better!

  • Put a few pieces of tasty cat food in the cage the first few times you put your cat in the cage - hopefully your cat will start to associate the cage with something positive.

  • Put a blanket or soft towel at the bottom of the cage so your cat has something soft to sit/lie on.

  • If you have space where you live, you can leave the cage in front even when you are not transporting your cat somewhere - this will stop your cat perceiving the cage as scary - and it will associate it with home, where it feels safe.

  • Keep practising and getting your cat used to the cage so much that it chooses to go into the cage on its own, but of course not all cats will do this. Lassie cat parents recommend this transport bag.

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