Is it okay if the dog tastes the falafel roll?

Undvik att ge din hund falafel då flera av de vanligaste ingredienserna är farliga för hunden att äta. Kikärtor är säkert för en hund att äta, men ibland innehåller falafel även favabönor som i större mängder kan orsaka förgiftning hos hunden. Dessutom innehåller falafel ofta kryddor, lök, och vitlök som kan orsaka mycket svår förgiftning hos hundar. Om du skaffar Lassie får du lära dig allt detta och mycket mer i vår app, och samtidigt samlar du poäng som sänker priset på din försäkring. Det är vad vi kallar en riktig win-win!

Dog insurance

Lassie focuses on life, not on injuries. We'll help you take the best care of your dog - throughout their life. We're available to help from 8am to 9pm, every day, and you can cancel your policy at any time.

  • Veterinärvård upp till 160 000 kr
  • Sänk ditt pris i vår app, upp till 500 kr
  • Allt om din försäkring i din mobil
Focus on life
We help you, help your dog
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Tariffs in comparison

Lassie offers three dog health insurance packages: Mini, Midi, Maxi, as well as an alternative canine surgery insurance policy. While the canine health insurance plans cover the cost of both veterinarian-recommended medical treatments and surgeries, the surgery insurance plan only covers surgery costs. Here is an overview of all tariffs:


Veterinary care

The highest total compensation you can receive for veterinary care.

Life insurance

Provides compensation if your animal is stolen, runs away, dies or needs to be euthanized.

Hidden errors

Compensation for diseases and defects that started to develop before an approved veterinary inspection. Applies to Swedish-born animals that have been inspected and insured before 120 days of age and have then been insured without interruption.

Calls with a digital veterinarian

Unlimited number of video calls with a veterinarian in case of injuries, symptoms and diseases covered by the insurance.

Dental care in case of accident or TR (FORL)

Dental care in connection with an accident. After a waiting period of 12 months, dental disease TR (FORL) is also covered.

30 000 kr/år
Unlimited calls to FirstVet
With your Lassie insurance you have unlimited calls for advice in case of symptoms or injury. If you are worried about your dog, you can contact FirstVet in the first instance. They can give you advice on how to help your dog at home and when it's time to visit a veterinary clinic.