How much does cat insurance cost?

Compare cat insurance prices - find the best policy for your cat

At Lassie, we understand how important it is to give your cat the best possible protection. Our cat insurance policies go beyond just covering accidents and illnesses. They also provide peace of mind before, during and after any injury or illness. With insurance from us, you can be sure that your cat will always be well looked after no matter what happens.

So give your cat the protection it deserves by choosing an insurance policy from Lassie, and let us take care of the rest.

Best cat insurance

How much does it cost to insure a cat?

Prices vary based on breed, age, geographical location and gender. At Lassie, all cats are welcome regardless of age or breed. Compare the options to find the right policy for you and your cat.

Protect your cat and your wallet - with the best cat insurance.

A common question is "How much does cat insurance cost?" At Lassie, you can influence the price of your cat insurance by using our app and taking preventive measures for your cat's health. This way, you can get up to 250 kr discount on your cat insurance every insurance year.

    Compare cat insurance

    At Lassie, we offer cat insurance in three different levels - Mini, Medium and Large.
    Whichever level you choose, you can be sure that your cat will get the care it needs in the event of an accident. The difference lies in the amount of compensation you receive for veterinary care, with Large giving you more than twice as much as Mini.

    In addition, there is always coverage for dental care in case of accidents, such as playing in the forest and FORL/TR. Choose the policy that best suits you and your cat.

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    Which insurance is best for your cat?

    Choose the insurance package that best suits you and your cat by weighing content against price. Calculating a price proposal not only gives you the cost of insuring your cat, but is also an efficient way to get a clear picture of our different insurance options for cats.
    Veterinary care
    60 000 kr/year
    The highest total compensation you can receive for veterinary care.
    6 000 kr/year
    Maximum compensation for medicine prescribed by a veterinarian.
    6 000 kr/year
    Maximum compensation for rehabilitation prescribed by a veterinarian.
    Dental care in case of accident or TR (FORL)
    Dental care in connection with an accident. After a waiting period of 12 months, dental disease TR (FORL) is also covered.
    Calls with a digital veterinarian
    Unlimited number of video calls with a veterinarian in case of injuries, symptoms and diseases covered by the insurance.

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