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Symptoms of urination problems in cats

Urination problems are, as you may know, common among cats and there are a variety of symptoms that indicate that a cat has urinary problems. The problems causing the symptoms can vary in complexity and in some cases can actually be life threatening, so it is important that as a cat owner you are aware of the common symptoms of urinary problems.
Here are some common symptoms of urinary problems that you should be aware of:
  • Cat licks the urinary opening a lot
  • The cat urinates a lot, i.e. urinates many small puddles
  • The cat tries to pee for long periods of time without any or only a few drops coming out
  • The cat has blood in the urine
  • The cat's urine smells worse than usual
  • In some cases, the cat pees outside the box, but there may be other reasons for this as well
  • Pain when urinating
If your cat exhibits any of the above symptoms, you should take it to a vet for examination. Some symptoms may indicate a life-threatening condition. If your cat tries to urinate but nothing or only a drop comes, you need to see a vet urgently!

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