Röd vit katt

Sneezing in cats

A cat's sneeze sounds very similar to human sneezes. However, one of the characteristics of a cat's sneeze is that it often shakes its head when it sneezes. It's actually quite normal for cats to sneeze sometimes, the cat may have something tickling its nose like dirt or dust.
More often than not, cats sneeze for exactly the same reasons that we humans sneeze. Something in the air causes a tickle in the nose, such as dirt or dust. Strong smells, such as cigarette smoke, can also cause sneezing. However, a cat that sneezes frequently may have a disease that causes sneezing or other underlying problems, so a cat that sneezes frequently or suddenly starts sneezing more than usual needs to get help from a vet to determine if it has a disease that needs to be treated.
Respiratory infection If a cat sneezes a lot, it may be a symptom of a respiratory infection, for example. In the case of a respiratory infection, the cat's eyes may also be irritated. Another reason for cats sneezing more than usual is that they have been affected by cat sniffles, there are vaccines against cat sniffles that protect well but sometimes cats can have symptoms of cat sniffles even though they have been vaccinated.
Plant part stuck in nose Another reason for more frequent sneezing may be that some type of plant part is stuck in the cat's nose or the back of the throat, which can be very troublesome for the cat. By sneezing, the cat will do its best to remove the stuck plant itself. Sometimes the cat cannot remove the plant on its own and you will need to take the cat to the vet for help. Sometimes the cat needs to be anaesthetised to remove the plant.
If your cat is sneezing a lot and is panting, eating or drinking badly, you should always contact a vet for advice. If your cat suddenly starts sneezing more than usual, you should also consult a vet.

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