Dog-friendly hiking

If you don't like camping on your hike, it might be nice to find accommodation along the way where your dog is welcome. We list a bunch of accommodations all along the country that are dog-friendly and beautiful places!
Mountain stations and cabins
At STF Mountain Stations you can stay with your dog in a private room or in a shared room where dogs are welcome. The shared rooms may have other dogs in them, so it's important that your dog is okay with other dogs being in the same room. In the cosy mountain cottages there are also dog rooms but space can be limited so it is extra important that your dog can be with other dogs in small spaces.
Accommodation in the rest of the country
Always book in advance so you know you have accommodation with your dog. For these accommodations, you may sometimes have to pay an extra fee for your dog. Each individual accommodation states on their site if they allow pets but always check availability.
List of dog-friendly accommodation via the Swedish Tourist Association
  • STF Sälen Torgåsgården Fjällgård
  • STF Breanäs Hotel
  • STF Grövelsjön Mountain Resort
  • STF Saltoluokta Mountain Station
  • STF Tivedstorp Hostel
  • STF Abisko Tourist Station
  • STF Stockholm/Zinkensdamm Hostel
  • STF Sillegårdens summer pension
  • STF Nyrup's Nature Hotel
The information comes from the Swedish Tourist Association.

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