Maltese Guide

The Maltese is a breed that exudes elegance and charm and is actually one of the world's oldest dog breeds. This small and stylish breed has distinct physical characteristics and a captivating personality that you can learn more about in this article!

History of the Maltese

The Maltese dog breed has existed for over 2000 years and is believed to originate from the island of Malta, from which it also got its name. Throughout history, these dogs have often been associated with royalty and aristocrats. Among others, they were particularly liked by Mary of Scotland and Queen Elizabeth I. The breed was bred for its exquisite appearance and charming personality, which are still distinctive features of the breed today.

Unique features

The Maltese is known for its striking appearance, which is characterized by, among other things, the following points:

  • Long, graceful and white silky coat.

  • A dog breed that is often suitable for allergy sufferers.

  • The dog's body is compact but well built.

  • The male dogs are usually around 21-25 cm in height at the withers and the bitches 20-23 cm.

  • Both males and females weigh around 3-4 kg.

  • Expressive, dark eyes which give them a sweet and curious look.

  • Black nose and hanging ears that frame the face.

Mentality and temperament

In addition to the cute appearance, the Maltese is a dog breed with a delightful temperament. They are known for their intelligence, affection and kindness. The Maltese is a very intelligent dog that learns quickly through the right training methods.

The Maltese enjoy human company and are suitable for families, singles and seniors alike, as their adaptability and sociable nature make them an ideal choice for different life situations.

Although generally affectionate, the Maltese can be somewhat reserved around strangers. Early socialization is crucial to ensure that they develop into confident individuals. They get along well with other dogs and pets, making them excellent choices for multi-pet households.

Grooming and nursing

One aspect that is important to be aware of is that the Maltese is a dog breed that requires a lot of grooming. Their long, silky fur is prone to tangle and form mattes. Daily brushing is therefore crucial to keep the coat in the best possible condition. Regular bathing, nail trimming and ear cleaning are also necessary to maintain their overall health and appearance.

The health of the Maltese

Small dog breeds often live longer than large dogs and the Maltese is no exception. Usually a Maltese lives around 12 to 15 years old. However, they are prone to certain health problems, such as dental problems, luxating patellas and tear staining. Regular veterinary checkups and a healthy diet are key to keeping your Maltese happy and healthy.

A dog breed for you?

The Maltese is a timeless and enchanting companion, known for its long history, physical beauty and affectionate nature. These small dogs have an incredible ability to form strong bonds with their owners and are an excellent choice for those looking for an elegant and intelligent pet. With the right care and attention, Maltese can bring joy and companionship to your life for many years to come. Maybe Malteser is a perfect choice for you?

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