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Gum inflammation in cats

Unfortunately, dental problems are relatively common among cats, one type of problem cats can suffer from is inflamed gums, gingivitis. However, the extent of the problem can vary, in some cats the gums may be a little red and the cat may be completely unconcerned, while other cats are so concerned that they need to be medicated daily or in some cases have all their teeth extracted.

There are several diseases of the cat's mouth that show similar symptoms, so it is difficult to say exactly which symptoms indicate that a cat has gum disease. However, if you notice that your cat's gums have an angry red edge or that they are swollen and irritated, you should consult a vet. If your cat is showing symptoms of pain, salivating or scratching at the mouth, you should contact a vet immediately to have your cat's mouth examined.

In some cases when cats suffer from gingivitis, it is caused by the cat reacting to plaque on the teeth. In these cases, tooth brushing can make all the difference to how unwell the cat is. For these cats, it is very important that the master and mistress help with brushing regularly to reduce the cat's problems.

So the best thing you can do to prevent your cat from getting gingivitis is to brush your cat's teeth regularly, preferably every day, which is not always easy at first. But if you start practicing tooth brushing with your cat early and are patient, you'll find that your cat will accept it over time. When brushing your cat's teeth, you can also get into the habit of gently checking the cat's gums to see if there are any changes, such as if inflammation has occurred. Lassie cat parents recommend this toothbrush and toothpaste for animals.

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