Christmas flowers that can cause poisoning in your dog

Christmas flowers may not seem quite as appetising to sink your teeth into, but that doesn't stop a curious dog from investigating what exciting things their master or mistress has brought home this time. If you have a doggie who tends to chew on most things, you'd do well to keep a little extra watch over which plants go out for Christmas, as some of our most common Christmas flowers can make your dog sick. If you have cut flowers, even the water they're in can be poisonous.

Christmas flowers can be poisonous

  • Poinsettia

  • Lilies (but mostly toxic to cats)

  • Amaryllis

  • Hyacinth, especially the bulb

  • Christmas rose (Hellebore)

  • Mistletoe

  • Narcissus

  • Tulip, especially the bulb

  • Daffodils

Symptoms of poisoning

Depending on how much the dog has eaten and which plant it is, it can cause a number of different complications - quite common is vomiting and/or diarrhoea, but it can also result in kidney problems, breathing difficulties and in the worst case scenario, the dog's life cannot be saved.

Contact a vet

Contact a vet as soon as you discover your dog has tasted a Christmas flower. Poisoning can happen quickly, and it is a good idea to consult your vet immediately about further treatment. Take the plant your dog has tasted with you to help the vet decide on the right treatment.

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