Hund och människa

Reinforce checkins

We often hear in dog training that it is good to work on eye contact and that this is practiced on specific occasions. In addition to training eye contact with your puppy or dog, it is beneficial to encourage spontaneous contact. Spontaneous contact is the outreach contact that your dog offers in everyday life without your signals or recalls. So it is your dog who seeks you out himself. Either by being close to you or making eye contact at a longer distance.
When your dog offers spontaneous contact, we can pull it to our advantage and tell the dog that we like the behavior. Therefore, it is very good to have treats with you out for walks and when you hang out with your dog so you can easily reward the behavior. Every time your dog seeks you out, you simply reward him with a piece of candy.
This will lead to your dog wanting to hang out with you and that it is beneficial for it to seek you out. Especially on walks where much else in the environment can be interesting.

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