Reflexes to your dog

In autumn and winter, when it's dark outside for much of the day, it's important to do what you can to make sure that both you and your dog are as visible as possible outdoors. So put reflectors on both yourself and your dog. By wearing reflectors on both you and your dog, you will help both motorists and cyclists to spot you and your dog from a distance.

Reflective vests and harnesses

When choosing reflectors for your dog, it is important to remember that the reflectors should be visible from all directions and when the dog is moving. That's why a reflective vest is preferable when walking near motorists and cyclists. The reflective vest has large areas of reflection and usually both at the chest and the sides of your dog's body. Nowadays, many dogs' harnesses also have reflectors, but make sure that those reflectors are clearly visible to motorists, otherwise a reflective vest is better. Today there are many varieties of leashes with reflectors that you can use but always supplement with a reflective vest to be best seen in the dark. The leash can be seen as a complement to the reflective vest that you and your dog wear.

Shining dog collar

Sometimes you can see dogs wearing luminous collars, or lights attached to collars or harnesses. These lights mainly help the dog owner to keep an eye on his dog if he is loose in the dark. But these luminous collars can also be useful for people walking near cyclists who do not have lights on their bikes. However, it is difficult for a car driver or cyclist to detect the lights around your dog's neck, as the car's headlights are stronger than the collar's light. Therefore, to best protect your dog, you should not choose one over the other but use a collar with lights combined with reflectors.
It is also important to remember that reflectors are a consumable item and therefore do not last year after year. You can test the reflectors by shining them from a distance in a dark room. If they don't reflect properly, it's time to buy new ones.

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