Money in your Lunar account when you take out insurance with Lassie

In cooperation with Lunar, you will receive a deposit of 450 SEK on your Lunar account when you insure your dog or cat with Lassie.

Insure your animal and get money in your account

Lassie is the first pet insurance on the market that helps pet owners prevent injuries and avoid veterinary visits. Using instructions and tips in the Lassie app on how to keep their pet healthy, users earn points which in turn can lead to a lower insurance price.

Lassie is always there for you, offering customer support, direct settlement and unlimited calls to digital vets during days, evenings and weekends. The app also has all your insurance details and you can report a claim at the touch of a button. These are some of the reasons why Lassie has climbed to the top of the comparison of dog insurance on

450 kr in your Lunar account

When you insure your dog or cat with Lassie, you'll receive a welcome bonus* of 450 SEK in your Lunar account, regardless of whether you insure a dog or cat. The offer applies to all insurance packages (Mini, Medium and Large). If you have more animals to insure, you will receive 450 SEK per dog or cat.

You need to have a Lunar account to take advantage of this offer.

*It may take up to 90 days for the deposit to appear in your account. This offer is only available to new Lassie customers who are also Lunar users and who enter their Lunar account.


  • Valid only for new Lassie customers who are also Lunar users

  • Offer valid only via this specific Lunar link

  • Deposit only to the Lunar account you specify when registering with Lassie

  • The welcome bonus applies to both dogs and cats, and is the same whether you choose the "Mini", "Medium", or "Large" policy.

  • The deposit may take up to 90 days to appear in the account you have specified

  • Offer applies to multiple dogs and cats insured in the same household. This means that you will receive a deposit of 450 SEK for each dog or cat you insure with Lassie

  • The offer cannot be combined with other offers

  • To take advantage of this offer, you must be at least 18 years old

Collect points and get a discount

We motivate dog and cat owners to learn more about how to best care for their animals to avoid many of the common injuries that dogs and cats suffer.

  • All about your insurance right on your mobile
  • Learn, earn points and lower the cost of insurance
  • Cancel your insurance at any time

dog card

Vomiting and diarrhoea - what you can do yourself!

Our unique puppy guide will help you take care of your new family member in the best possible way. Get tips on everything from everyday obedience to how to how to clip claws and keep your puppy healthy throughout its upbringing.

The Puppy Guide is available via the Lassie app, which can be downloaded for free at App Store or Google Play.