Visiting a dog park

There are many dog parks around the country. In Sweden we have two types of dog parks. One is an area where you can walk your dog, for example a park or forest, while the other place is usually fenced and where you can have your dog loose without it being able to run away.

When you and your four-legged friend visit a dog park, it is important that you keep in mind the rules and regulations that exist. During the period 1 March to 20 August, you must have extra supervision of your dog. This means that during this period you must have extra great supervision when you are out in nature. This is stated in section 16 of the Act (2007: 1150) on the supervision of dogs and cats. It says that dogs should be prevented from running loose in fields where there is other wild animals.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's interpretation of the law is that if a dog is to be prevented from running loose, it must in most cases be kept on a leash. In practice, the dog, if it is loose, should be no more than a meter away from you. You need to have such control over your dog that it corresponds to an invisible leash.

In a fenced dog park, on the other hand, the dog is allowed to run loose. There are no regulated laws for how to “behave” in dog parks, but many municipalities have their own well-being rules.

The most common well-being rules are:

  • You who visit the dog park must take care of the park and take care of the things that are in it.

  • Do not let your dog dig pits in the lawn - that way you ensure the safety of other dogs.

  • In many dog parks there is no possibility to reserve or book a place.

  • Show consideration for both dogs and humans.

  • Everyone can be in the dog park, but before you let your dog in, ask if anyone else was there before you.

  • Keep an eye on your dog and pick up after it.

  • If your dog is in season, sick or aggressive, it should not be in the rest yard.

  • Be sure to close the gate behind you to avoid your or someone else's dog succeeding in sneaking out.

Before you let your dog into the dog park, think about whether your dog benefits from being there and meeting other dogs. Not all dogs enjoy spending time with unknown dogs and keeping an extra eye on whether your dog may feel scared or insecure. Then it is better to stay outside the dog park and boozt your dogs confidence at a distance. Some dogs do not enjoy hanging out with too many unknown dogs while others see this as the highlight of the day! Keep track of your dog's body language and adapt your visit in the dog park to your own dog.

Do not visit a dog park if your dog isn't vaccinated or you have a puppy who not yet received his 12-week vaccine. Many dogs in a small area increase the risk of spreading diseases. Therefore, it is also important that you do not visit a dog park if your dog is ill, has kennel cough or some other illness.

Show consideration for each other and think about what the rules in your particular municipality look like. They are there for you and your four-legged friend with the aim that everyone will enjoy themselves and to avoid anyone getting hurt.

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