What is enrichment?

All animals have natural behaviors that are very important for them. That's what enrichment is all about. Enrichment can be traced directly to the dog's natural behavioral needs and there is a difference between activation and enrichment. Many of the popular activities referred to as "activation" create stress, frustration and high activity levels, which is the opposite of what enrichment should give our dogs in everyday life. Enrichment should give the dog harmony and balance. Find out more about the most important behavioral needs of our dogs!
Social Of course! Dogs are social creatures who like to spend time with us but also with their dog friends. Not all dogs like to meet new dog friends every day, but having 2-3 best friends fits in well with most. Dogs love to work with us, talk to your dog and give him the opportunity to interact with you and his friends.
Food and eating Many of us are good at giving our dogs chewing gum and something to gnaw on, but there are many other behaviors that can be met in everyday life. Getting to examine their food and pick out the best pieces is something that many dogs appreciate and the desire to discover can be great. Some dogs want the opportunity to hide their treasures and others to tear something to pieces.
Movement The dog has a great need for movement and a regular leash walk is not intended into this part of enrichment. Movement is about being able to walk at different paces; trotting, galloping, and being able to jump on things or crawl under fallen trees. The behaviors are many in this category and climbing, balancing and sneaking can help your dog to a harmonious everyday life.

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