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Neck pain in dogs

Of course, dogs can have pain in different parts of their body just as we humans can, but the big difference is that dogs can't tell you that they're in pain or where they're in pain. Neck pain can affect dogs of any age and is not something that is age-related. It is therefore important that you, as a dog owner, or any other animal for that matter, are aware of the different symptoms that indicate that your dog is in pain.
When a dog is in pain or has a stiff neck, they may show this by, for example, screaming when a collar is put around their neck. Screaming can be a sign of pain from the neck. Dogs can also show that they have neck pain by moving hesitantly, cautiously and tensely, or by having difficulty moving from a lying to a sitting position, or vice versa. A dog that does not jerk as usual, or interrupts this type of movement may also indicate pain from the neck area. Also note abnormal behavioural patterns when eating, such as an unwillingness or inability to bend the neck down towards the food bowl when eating.
If your dog shows signs of neck pain, we recommend that you immediately contact a veterinarian for examination. If you are unsure whether your dog has neck pain and requires a physical vet visit, please contact FirstVet, to whom you as a Lassie insurance customer have free calls.

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