How can I calm the puppy down?

Puppies being mischievous is nothing new and it's part of their development. However, sometimes the puppy can get "puppy night" and need help to settle down. Puppy fever is very common and in most cases grows out of it with age.

Why your puppy bites you

One reason a puppy bites is because its teeth itch or hurt. To help your puppy, you can give it something to bite on, such as a chew. In many cases, leaving the puppy alone or even ignoring the puppy will help it to settle down.

How to calm your puppy

You can also try putting the puppy down between your legs and gently rubbing the chest and muzzle. This exercise takes time and it's not easy for all puppies to sit still. To help the puppy, while you are massaging the puppy, you can gently hold it and then when the puppy stops struggling, you can reward it with a treat. Once you've been doing this exercise for a while, the puppy will learn that it gets rewarded when it doesn't resist.
It's common for puppies to come up for air in the evening, when they're tired. The puppy may then need to get rid of some excess energy and it can often help to let weapons play off a little. It's good for the puppy to have a designated place in the home where it can relax. Take the puppy to the spot and talk quietly, while petting the puppy slowly and gently. You can also use a chewing bone for occupation, if the puppy is having difficulty settling down.

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