The puppy's tooth change - from baby teeth to adult teeth

The stage after the development of baby teeth is the permanent adult teeth. This means that the puppy, just like a child, will lose its baby teeth and then get the teeth that will last a lifetime. These adult teeth are both more and bigger than the milk teeth - 28 teeth will be replaced to make 42. This tooth replacement usually starts when the puppy is between 3-5 months old. The teeth will then be naturally pushed out to be replaced by the slightly larger ones. All in all, the road to permanent adult teeth usually takes around 2 months. In other words, you can expect your puppy to have all 42 adult teeth by the time it is 6 months old.
If you find that your puppy has lost one or more milk teeth, but you can't find them, it could be that the puppy has swallowed them. However, this is rarely dangerous, and it is usually the case that the puppy swallows them without even noticing. The teeth then come out naturally.

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