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Damaged baby teeth

Sometimes accidents happen and your puppy damages one of its milk teeth. This can happen, for example, if your puppy gnaws on something very hard. So don't let your puppy bite on hard things, such as rocks!
If a milk tooth breaks, you need to contact a vet immediately, as a damaged milk tooth should usually be extracted as soon as possible. It is important that you contact a vet immediately because if a milk tooth, for example, is broken, it can be removed. breaks off so that the pulp is visible, it is easy for it to go down or up (depending on the lower or upper jaw) an infection to the root, an abscess can form and the risk of affecting the puppy's permanent teeth can be a fact.
Having a damaged tooth can also mean pain for your puppy, so it is important that your puppy gets the help it needs. Common symptoms of pain from the mouth in both puppies and adult dogs are that they may have a decreased appetite and not want to eat as usual, as well as exhibiting abnormal chewing behaviour.
If you are unsure whether your puppy needs veterinary care or not, we recommend consulting a digital veterinarian. As a Lassie insurance customer, you have free calls to FirstVet!

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