Valp med leksak

How to play with your puppy

Contrary to popular belief, playing with people is not an innate ability in dogs, but is usually a learned behaviour. Of course, it pays to play a lot with your puppy: it strengthens the relationship between the pet and the owner and teaches the dog to communicate with you. In fact, playing together is the best way for the puppy and the owner to get to know each other. In addition to some wilder play, it's good to play with the puppy in other ways too: play activity games together, come up with scent exercises, such as hiding candy pieces, and, for example, teach the puppy to recognise the toys by their names. It is always important that the owner learns to adapt the style of play to suit the puppy and the individual. It is also helpful to pay attention to your dog's breed-typical behaviour. A fiery terrier puppy will most likely require more speed in play and a poodle puppy will need to run even more and "puppy" you.

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